When Netflix Is No Longer Chill

updated on 17 September 2022

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Cancelling Netflix in a few simple steps
Cancelling Netflix in a few simple steps

Out with the old, in with the new. Sure, Netflix may have been the original streaming service that got all of us hooked on shows and movies right at our fingertips. However, with the popularity of streaming services came others, such as Amazon, Hulu, Roku, and even on-demand services included in traditional cable providers’ packages. 

This has led to many people who used to Netflix their nights away wanting to cancel the service in favor of either saving their money or putting it toward something that has more of what they really want. Netflix doesn’t offer live TV, sports, or news, and show or movie choices might be great for a short period. Therefore, in addition to sharing options discussed previously, cancelling is also an option to defray the cost.

But cancelling is not always as easy as it seems. Firstly, it’s “one more thing to do.” This, though, is what subscription services are banking on. They want to make canceling their subscription something that you have to search around for, take a few steps, confirm an email, etc. This way, they get your $17.99 (or whatever it may be) each month for as long as it gives you anxiety about actually doing the deed. 

Okay, this may be a first-world problem, but it’s still a problem. So, we’re giving you a step-by-step guide to canceling Netflix so that you can put your money back into your pocket (or use it for a different service that you and your roommates split equally with WellPaid’s easy streaming service sharing setup.) 

Step 1 – Log In to Your Account

First thing’s first. Log in to your Netflix account. If you’re lucky, and you’ve used the account recently, it should log you right in. If not, you’ll need the email address you signed up with as well as your password. 

If you’ve forgotten your password (like 90% of the country), try going into your phone’s settings and scrolling down to the password section. There, you’ll be able to put in your phone password or use the facial recognition feature on your phone to unlock all the passwords saved on every website you’ve visited from that device. Ah, the wonders of technology. 

Step 2 – Choose the Appropriate Profile

Most Netflix users have plenty of profiles on their account, whether it’s for adults and their kids, or each particular roommate who is sharing the service. No matter the situation, the person who made the original account will be the profile under which you can cancel the subscription. 

Once you’re on the owner’s home screen, in the top right-hand corner you will find a drop-down menu with all the profiles. At the bottom, you’ll see “Account.” Click there. 

Step 3 – Navigating to Canceling

Now, you’d think that in the account section, you’d have an easily accessible place to “cancel your account,” right? Wrong. There’s only Membership and Billing, Plan Details, Profile and Parental Controls, and Settings. 

Plan Details will get you to changing from one subscription plan to another, but not to actually cancel your membership. Instead, go to Membership and Billing. 

Step 4 – Confirming Your Cancelation

Once there, you’ll see a box at the top of the screen that says, “Cancel Membership.” Once you click on this, you’ll be taken to another subscription cancellation confirmation page. 

There are no repercussions for canceling your subscription, such as fees or contract violations; however, if you signed up at the very beginning and have been grandfathered in with a lower price, you’ll have to pay a higher price if and when you decide to return. 

If you cancel in the middle of your monthly subscription period, you will be able to access Netflix content until the end of your monthly billing cycle. Once you’ve canceled, your profile, settings, and viewing history will be saved for 10 months in case you return. 

What If I Get My Netflix Subscription through Another Service?

It is becoming more and more common for people to have their Netflix service offered as an add-on with their phone, internet, music streaming, or other service. If this is the case, the steps for canceling are a bit different. 

You won’t be able to cancel directly through Netflix, because your account is linked to another third-party account. You’ll need to go to that service specifically and cancel through them. So, for example, if you are billed for Netflix through Amazon, you will want to go to your Amazon account settings. If your Netflix account is billed through T-Mobile, you will need to go to your T-Mobile account and cancel or change your preferences from there. 

What If My Account Was Hacked?

This is another common occurrence in today’s day and age. If your Netflix account was hacked and you can’t get into your account to cancel it, it might seem as if you are at a dead end. 

Don’t worry, and definitely don’t let the internet pirates continue to steal from you. Simply go to the sign-in screen and click “Need help?” underneath the red “Sign In” button. Put in the information you do have (probably your email address) and your billing method (credit card information) and the support team will guide you into getting your account either back on track or canceled, whichever you prefer. 

Final Thoughts

Netflix is great for some, not so great for others. Using your money wisely and sharing things equally among housemates are things that should be great for everyone. Let WellPaid help you along the way to becoming financially independent and secure. Whether it’s with help canceling unused subscriptions, sharing the bill between those you live with, or planning out when you’ll get reimbursed so you can keep track of the money easily, we’re here for you. 

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