The Most Appreciated Gifts Of 2022

updated on 10 June 2022

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As you are probably aware, the global supply chain has been upended in recent months as a result of the pandemic. Shipping delays from cars to toys are at all-time highs. When it comes to giving a gift, you probably don't want to worry. So is there a better option?

Subscriptions: Give the gift of convenience

Subscriptions are perfect, worry-free gift options for 2022. Even if the subscription isn't a digital offering and more like a "toy of the month club," the advanced notice helps the retailer avoid any supply chain woes. Therefore, you don't need to worry if your friend is going to receive their gift in time.

Also, subscriptions get used like crazy because of the convenience in which it can be consumed and there is usually something for everyone. No waiting, no drama, no having to know exactly what the person you’re shopping for likes. Even better, the algorithms in many subscriptions are always learning how to better suit the user. What other gifts get better and better with time? (Besides wine and cheese.)

Say goodbye to Valentine’s order mix-ups or getting something that gets used once. Subscriptions are the answer. There’s a subscription for virtually every interest or hobby under the sun. They’re unique, high-quality, and make life easier. They are also a gift that keeps on giving and can make the other person feel special all year long.

The top 5 subscriptions people gift

  1.  Winc: Wine bottles for your wino friend or loved one

Winc is a Californian company that creates its own wine and handpicks bottles from leading vineyards. You can’t get more personalized than Winc, with their “Palate Profiles” that suit the user’s specific tastes. Users get full access to a community rating system so that there’s a fully visible algorithm pointing winos in the right direction towards new names to try out. Winc currently has a Valentine’s special: 4 bottles for just $29.95; complete with free shipping.

2. Book of the Month or Audible subscription for the bookish souls

Book of the Month offers each month’s best new books. The monthly cost is $14.99. The person you give the box to will have the option to choose five books that are newly released. From there, they’ll have the option for two add-ons for an extra $10. Book of the Month is mostly adult fiction and non-fiction spanning all genres. If you’re shopping for your teenager this Valentine’s Day, Book of the Month also has a Young Adult club option!

3. Trunk Club: Nordstrom’s personal styling service

Trunk Club is a personalized mid to high-end men’s and women’s clothing subscription service. The prices range from $50-$300 per item, however, you can choose a budget preference in order to tailor the selection to your needs. There is a $25 styling fee that is waived for Nordstrom cardholders that is credited towards the final purchase. The concept is that a user can take a quiz regarding their style and have a personal stylist handpick pieces to send to the customer. They’ll send over 12 different items for you ranging from clothing, shoes, accessories, jackets and more. You get to try the clothes before you buy them, and don’t have to commit to a style which is very helpful with trends always changing!

4. An entertainment subscription: Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ or a bundle

Streaming allows consumers to watch TV, listen to podcasts, or download music on internet-connected devices. Streaming allows for a user to connect to files stored remotely within a few seconds over the internet. For movie and tv series, one can opt for Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ or more. For live television like sports, there’s YouTube TV, Hulu + Live, fuboTV, Sling TV, DirecTV Stream or more. You can help your loved one unwind with an escape or root on their favorite team! Search the top subscriptions to find the best option for whomever you’re gifting.

5. BarkBox: Toys and treats for their very best friend


BarkBoxes typically range from $23 to $35 per month and include healthy treats, toys, products, services, chews and experiences. This is a great value for your significant other, as the items would cost more bought separately and will need to keep being replaced. This is a perfect scenario for a subscription.

How does one give a subscription as a gift?

To give a subscription as a gift, one can sign up for a subscription or even buy a gift card that can be redeemed to purchase one. There are typically many options depending on what subscription type you go with in terms of wanting a monthly/cancel anytime policy or an annual one-time fee with the commitment of finishing out a specific time period.

WellPaid is here to help

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