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published on 17 September 2022
Want to watch as a premium member but the cost just a little too much for what you want to spend?
Want to watch as a premium member but the cost just a little too much for what you want to spend?

Ever wonder if you should sign up for Crunchyroll Premium?

Crunchyroll’s free offering is pretty awesome, but skipping the ads and getting access to episodes after they air is pretty tempting.

However, the $8 per month for another subscription is pretty steep and how much are you desperate for another subscription. So that’s it? A life of mediorce fandom?

Get the premium version. Yeah, pretty bold sentiment from a random blog article, but you’re the one reading this, right? Anyways, if you have roommates or live with someone that can split the cost, then getting 50% savings isn’t bad.

Fun fact, Crunchyroll’s Mega Fan package allows four multiple streaming viewers and access to be shared in the same household. Here’s how to do it without getting into another payment request cycle.


Now, there are sites out there that encourage you to split the cost with several people you’ve never met. Remember that comments and views will still look like you to Crunchyroll, so you’re probably thinking this is a little shady. Well, that’s because it is. Everyone has to get paid for their work, and it’s not explicitly not allowed in the terms of service.

Even beyond being rude to some creator, do you actually want some rando person watching what you stream, seeing your payment infromation, and skipping ahead in a series? No. No you do not.

How to Share Crunchyroll Legally

While we hope you keep reading, let’s just cut to the end. Here is the punchline on how to share Crunchyroll and split the cost automatically in your household.

Below we explain what types of sharing Crunchyroll allows or what is illegal. Also, we recommended WellPaid to help split the recurring cost to automatically split the subscription cost, but it does take a couple minutes to set up. That’s up to you.

One Account for Friends and Family?

Crunchyroll is explicit in their terms of service. You are not allowed to share your Crunchyroll password and username with anyone. Therefore, using an online service to share your login with people not in the same household is not permitted.

However, sharing in your household is allowed. Adding your login to a Roku or Apple TV so anyone using the TV is standard use and not a violation of the terms of service.

Some viewers directly asked this on Crunchyroll’s support forum. We cannot and do not support illegal password sharing, but if you’re going to do it, please do not post that you are doing it on the company website. Apparently, that wasn’t as obvious to everyone as we thought...

Source: "this guy"

Why Split the Bill with WellPaid?

Truthfully, splitting bills is pretty boring stuff. Splitting recurring bills is even worse because it happens every month. We resort to mooching off each other or ‘getting each other back’ because we’re lazy.

That is exactly why we recommended WellPaid. WellPaid empowers us lazy people to enjoy Crunchyroll, or other services, without needing to send a payment request or accept bill split requests every month.

The service is a simple bank transfer service, but it is capable of identifying recurring bills after you’re charged automatically and auto-transfer others’ share to you like autopay.

For Crunchyroll, that means you send one request for a recurring transfer or to automatically split the cost and your roommates are charged for their share every time you pay the bill. No monthly requests or reminders to pay up.

Anyways, we hope you enjoyed our article on sharing a Crunchyroll subscription. Also check out our articles on sharing ESPN+ or Netflix. Get watching America! 

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