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updated on 05 September 2022
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The WellPaid service is days away from being ready for beta testing! Getting here was a journey here, but we are very excited to share our work with you! Keep reading to learn how to join the beta and help make WellPaid the best group bill management service you could ever want!

What is a Beta Test?

A beta test is basically a way to try out and test a product with real people before widespread release. This gives us a chance to identify any remaining points of confusion or issues and resolve them before releasing the application to a general audience.

At WellPaid, we’ve been working hard trying to create the best possible service for simplifying expense tracking and splitting between roommates or small groups. We’ve been testing our product as much as we can on our end to ensure it works as planned, but for the next stage, we need folks like you to try it out and give us feedback. Help us make something you love!

What to Expect from WellPaid’s Beta Launch

If you sign up for WellPaid’s beta, you’ll be able to download our app and start using it in two weeks. Beta users can try out all current application features, including recurring expense tracking, automated bill splitting, one time or recurring transfers, individual bill splitting, and more. See if it helps solve managing shared expenses with your roommates or loved ones!

The WellPaid service has a simple set up and only takes five minutes to get started. Once you create an account, you’ll be able to connect bank or card accounts from more than 11,000 partner banks. Our algorithm categorizes expenses and helps you track or manage recurring charges. You can even split shared bills with roommates or friends on autopay and get paid back with their share any time you are charged. Splitting bills takes only seconds, bank transfers are free, and you can even add multiple bills to a group ledger for convenience.

While we hope your experience with the beta version of the service goes smoothly, the whole reason for a beta test is to identify any remaining issues. As you use the service, please make note of any confusing language, any new features you want, and any bugs you encounter. Please leave us a note on the contact page or email help@getwellpaid.com. We want any and all feedback on the platform so that we can truly refine the application to better serve you. 

How to Join the New Beta

Our beta is set to launch on November 1st, 2021. Between now and mid-November we are accepting new beta users from the general public. Simply visit our website, click “Join Waitlist” and you’ll be notified when you can sign up.

After release, we will continue to accept direct referrals so that anyone you want to manage or split bills with can join you. In fact, we encourage such referrals! Managing bills for a household is often a ‘team sport,’ so invite your roommates and friends to simplify your process today! 

Why Your Participation and Feedback are Important

By being a beta user, you are helping us a TON. We truly want to make a product you love to use, so your honest and specific feedback makes us so much better. Since WellPaid is a mostly free service, we don’t expect massive profits, but we will find a way to say thank you. Expect a little treat from us after we open up the service to others. 

In the meantime, we also appreciate any likes or reposts on social media. Ultimately, if someone you know might benefit from our service, please share and let them know about what we’re doing. You can also see what restrictions exist to share common services here.

Your participation and feedback are vital to our success. It’s only after you, our beta users, tell us we are ready to help others, that we will end the beta and invite everyone!

Thank you SO MUCH for your support in testing out WellPaid!

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