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published on 28 August 2022

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Do you share streaming services with your family or roommates? Hub Entertainment Research indicates that 81% of Gen Z have used someone else’s account or given out their password for streaming services. In addition, about 64% admit to being the one sharing their password. So don’t worry, if that sounds like you, you are not alone.

The same study shows that Netflix is the most likely password to be shared with friends or family members. As such, you may be wondering how you can share a Netflix account, whether the provider allows sharing, and if sharing is a good idea.

While not yet released in the United States, Netflix recently announced they are testing a $2.99/month fee for sharing with users outside their household. The test is includes these other users getting their own username and password. TechRadar has a great article on this here.

If you are really worried, you can always cancel or add an account. Find out how to cancel Netflix here and how to add a new Netflix account here.

With this coming change, this article will give you all the answers you need to share Netflix legally. While none of this should be considered legal advice, it is a guide to help choose to share your Netflix account or understand the rules. See the most up to date information here and on Netflix's website.

Reasons you might want to share your Netflix account

Sharing is caring, or at least that’s how the old saying goes. That doesn’t just apply to crayons and toy cars. It can also apply to the numerous subscriptions we keep signing up for as new services continue to become available.

We should note that if your ex-boyfriend’s mother is still logged in from 5 years ago, that probably isn’t as much of a “reason” as it is a pain to do anything about.

So why should you actually choose to share? We have compiled a few reasons many people have decided to share Netflix or other streaming services.

1. Multiple People Want to Watch From the Same Device

If you are part of a shared household, like a family unit or just have roommates, you probably all share a common TV or other devices like, iPads. Assuming you stream Netflix on that device, it can be a lot easier when you share the account.

By sharing the service, there’s no need to log in and out of various accounts. Instead, Netflix allows everyone to make a profile and quickly reach their favorite shows for a round of binging. It’s a quick and easy way for a whole household to stay connected to great entertainment.

2. Watching Shows in Different Rooms

Want to watch the same hit movie with a family member or roommate? Sure, you can both use the same TV, or you could each log into Netflix from different devices.

Real Housewives of wherever isn’t for you? You can use a different profile to watch something else in another room. Whether it is the same show or not, Netflix regards this as two devices simultaneously streaming content.

Since you can have several profiles, each person can start the show or film whenever they want. Plus, pausing the movie on one device won’t make the other person sit there waiting. So it’s a great way to be flexible and stream whatever you want.

3. You Can Save Money

Probably the most tangible reason most people share Netflix is to save some money. If everyone had their own account there wouldn’t be much of an issue. However, having multiple accounts in one household is just wasting money.

Typically, devices are logged into Netflix using the same account username and password. By using the same username and password, sharing is as simple as just staying logged in.

However, Netflix does not allow sharing passwords and log-in details outside of the household. Since this is common practice anyways, Netflix is running the $2.99/mo surcharge test to enable users to create separate passwords on the same account.

4. Travelling and Forgetting

When you log in from your grandparent's place during the holidays or at a vacation rental, those new devices are tracked by Netflix. When you are done, remember to log out or disconnect the service through your Netflix settings, otherwise, they could add to your simultaneous streaming count.

Steps to Follow to Share Netflix

So, ready to start sharing? All you need to do is follow the steps below and enjoy cheaper entertainment for the entire household!

1. Create an Account That Allows Simultaneous Streams

Netflix has several account options. The least expensive only allows a single simultaneous stream. If you are sharing Netflix, you’ll want to choose an account that offers two or four simultaneous streams to make use of sharing your account with others.

The two-stream option is $15.49 a month and comes in HD, while the four-stream account is in UHD and costs $19.99 every month.

Make sure you discuss how much everyone plans to contribute with your household upfront. If you're splitting multiple bills, we recommend tracking charges in one place and automatically splitting the difference of how much everyone paid with a WellPaid group

2. Create Individual Profiles

For each person who wants to use Netflix, create a profile or allow them to do it. This keeps every person’s shows and films separated and makes it much easier to keep up on what you’ve watched, what you haven’t, and which shows are recommended based on past viewing.

Nothing is worse than jumping ahead when streaming a show or losing track of where you are if you don’t have separate profiles. Keep track of where you are by using your own profile!

3. Connect All Household Devices

Finally, make sure all your Smart TVs, streaming devices, or other items for watching are logged into the Netflix account. Install it to the device, sign in, and then everyone can use the account as much as they would like.

You can keep track of which devices are connected by logging into Netflix in your web browser. Under settings, you can disconnect devices or simply see what is connected.

Final Thoughts

Sharing Netflix is an easy way to save money and keep the whole house entertained. Especially with new rules and restrictions on sharing Netflix, WellPaid can make it even easier.

With WellPaid, you can create a group for your household and automatically share the cost and tracking of bills, like Netflix. Everyone in the group sees shared charges when you do and can automatically chip in for their portion, without needing a joint account.

Set a simple bank transfer to cover the difference for what everyone paid for the house across bills at month end. It doesn’t get any easier than that! Learn more here.

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