How to Share ESPN+ Among You and Your Sports-Loving People

published on 28 August 2022

3 minutes by Valerie Mellema

Don't miss the game!
Don't miss the game!

It’s the age of streaming services, and it’s also the age of playing the game to win. This means making smart financial decisions and making your money go even further down the court of life. Sharing subscriptions is a great way to save money and make sure that you can enjoy all of life’s exciting moments while having some cash left over for game-day treats and a comfortable place to watch them, too. 

Almost all subscription services offer a plan to have different accounts and/or to be able to watch on multiple devices at once. Streaming services know that this is what people are doing; there isn’t anything wrong with sharing your subscription with another person. 

ESPN+ is one of those streaming services. If you are a sports lover—whether it’s MLB, NCAA, soccer, tennis, or more—ESPN+ has got you covered for all the competition. With each paid subscription, you get to stream content on up to three devices at once. This means that you can be watching on your Amazon Firestick, another person can be watching on their Roku, and someone else still on their particular device. 

There aren’t any upgrades available for more streams, so if more than three people will be sharing or watching at the same time, then it’s probably a good idea to have a new group of three chip in for a second subscription. 

How to Share Your Subscription

If you want to share your ESPN+ subscription with other devices besides yours, you’ll simply need to sign in on that device with the name and password that you set up your account with. 

Sometimes people purchase their ESPN+ subscription through a third-party app, such as Amazon, Apple, or Google. If this was you, you’ll need to link the ESPN+ purchase to your account in the ESPN app. Once you have it all hooked up, you’ll be able to sign in to your account on any other compatible device. 

One Account for Multiple Family Members… or Friends

If your children take after you and are sports lovers, too, there’s good news! When you sign up for ESPN+, you can choose to create a free family account in which you can have up to five more people with separate profiles on your account. 

The account holder must be an adult and then can control what the other account members have access to. Each member will have their own name or password, however. 

If you want to share your ESPN+ account with others but don’t want to share your account name and password, then adding people to your family account is a great workaround. 

Final Thoughts

Since so much of our world now revolves around technology, there are a lot of different ways that things have evolved to make those processes easy and accessible to people who use the services. Almost everyone who has a subscription streaming service of some sort shares it with other members of their household or with friends, co-workers, or extended family members. 

Platforms such as WellPaid help to make that easy by entering in your information once and then tracking each person’s share of the bills. With ESPN+, for example, you’d put in the amount of the monthly or yearly subscription, and each person using it would get notified when the bill is due and how much they owe. It all goes to one person, and everyone can watch in peace. 

If you love sports and want to share that love with your friends or family members, sharing your ESPN+ subscription is a great way to do that. Whether you share your information with those splitting the bill and use a platform like WellPaid to split the bill, or if you just set people up on your family account and request for them to pay you automatically on WellPaid, everyone will be able to enjoy all the football, baseball, soccer, tennis, and other sports that their hearts desire.

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