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published on 27 August 2022
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If you’re new to searching for a room to rent, then this how-to article is here to help. When it comes to seeking out roommates and rooms for rent, there are important things to keep in mind to make sure that you end up in a safe place with tolerable roommates. There are several sites out there that boast they’ll land you with a perfect roommate, but as with all things, it’s not a good idea to take these claims at face value.

Knowing the best way to operate these sites and using a few tools, such as EasyRef or WellPaid, can go a long way towards helping you have a good living experience in your newly rented room. This article helps explain how to find the right room for rent. Next, make sure you validate your potential roommates are legit with EasyRef and remove common issues in tracking or splitting joint bills with WellPaid. A full year of easy living with is worth the few minutes of setup.

What to Look for in a Web Service and When Looking for Rooms for Rent

When it comes to finding the right web service to search for new rooms for rent and/or new roommates, there are specific things you have to keep in mind:

  1. This may seem obvious, but the first step is to find a website that will help you choose a place to rent. Many of these sites double as home finders and roommate finders, so it’s very easy to have all your needs met. Common sites include Facebook, Craigslist, Silvernest, Bungalow, etc. Read our other article here if you’d like to learn about the most common roommate finding sites in more detail.
  2.  Learn how the site works for yourself. Most sites will start with selecting a location that you would like to live and the details about your living situation that you want. Then, you will be asked to provide details about yourself to help match with potential roommates. You don't need to know the exact price, square footage, utilities shared, etc yet, but they're good to consider from here.
  3. Research and look at reviews for the site you'd like to use. While each of these sites offers essentially the same roommate or room for rent search function, most have unique features. Craigslist and Facebook are free, but they also have high rates of fraud or fake posts. Sites like Silvernest or Diggz are paid, but they prevent fraud by verifying applicants and help to match people that seem compatible.
  4.  If you've found a few sites to look at now you can search for the right room. If you find your dream location, remember to check for the same location on other sites. Most landlords will use multiple sites to list their unit, and you can identify fraud if the contact information doesn't match. Pro tip: try searching for the address in Google as well to see if there are other hits. Google typically promotes authentic pages above fraud, so you can weed out the noise with a simple search.
  5.  Finally, just like buying a home, you should go to the location and check out the area before you agree. If you're remote, check out Google Maps for the feel of the neighborhood and demand to speak to someone on the phone. Be aware that even connecting via phone can be spoofed though by someone looking to pretend to be a landlord in hopes of getting your security deposit. Renting through or requesting a validated WellPaid identity of the landlord can prevent imposters, however.
  6.  Finally, to make your application stand out from the hundreds potentially competing with you, self-verify your identity with WellPaid and be ready to provide validated references with EasyRef. These sites take minutes to help a landlord or potential roommate verify you're the real deal and are trustworthy. Remember that if you're moving into someone's home that they are just as worried about fraud as you are.


Finding rooms for rent and safe roommates to join are difficult tasks, but extremely important. As such, using the various room searching apps and roommate searching apps, you can make sure to give yourself the best chance of ending up with a good roommate in a safe location. Learn more about your options for different sites here and make yourself standout from other applicants with a WellPaid Identity or an EasyRef reference.

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